How to take your impressions:

Read all instructions through once before starting. You will need a stopwatch and a timer. Note: Be careful. Once the putty is a uniform colour it will set fairly quickly. We have included spare putty in case of any issues. Please return whatever you do not need.

1: Select the best fitting tray for your mouth. For reference, the tray for the upper arch is fuller (to accommodate the roof of the mouth). If you’re stuck between 2 sizes, always opt for the bigger tray. (For the avoidance of doubt: odd numbered trays are upper trays, even numbered trays are lower trays).

2: Take one ball of coloured putty and knead it with a ball of white putty. This should take around 30 seconds (use a timer). Form a roll that’s around 3 inches long and insert it into the tray. Note: Use ALL of the putty from each pot. If you are using the largest upper tray (1) use both white pots & both coloured pots for the one impression.

3: Whilst looking in a mirror, open your mouth as wide as you can and push the impression tray onto your teeth. As a guide, place your front teeth in the middle of the roll of putty (i.e. not too far towards the front of the tray). Do not bite down but make sure to push the putty over your gum line. Pull your lip over the tray and leave it in place for 5 minutes (again, using a timer).

4: Remove the tray from your mouth. Do not remove the putty from the tray.

5: Use the checklist below to confirm that your impression is suitable to send back. If it is, put the tray(s) in the prepaid envelope. Please include any pots & unused putty & trays. If the impression isn't good enough, simply drop us an email at (sending a picture from the same angle as below - not an overhead view). Please do not return impressions that don't fulfil the criteria below. If we have to resend the kit, you will have to pay return postage for any subsequent attempts.

6: You can simply put your impressions in a post box or take them to a post office. We recommend making a record of your tracking number (above the QR code) so you can see when it has reached us. 

7: We’ll do the rest! Sit back and wait for your shiny new retainer or night guard to be shipped straight to your door.

Impression Checklist


I’m not sure my impressions are good enough. What should I do?

Feel free to email a picture to Be sure to send the picture from the same angle as the example photo above (not an overhead view to ensure we can see the front teeth). We will let you know if there are any issues ASAP. Please mention what number tray was used.

If my impressions aren’t good enough what will happen?

Don’t worry! If we can’t use your impressions, we will resend the kit to you. If you need any advice, we’re here to help.

If there’s anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at